Datagaard Pty Ltd

    As part of our software development, Datagaard provides a number of potential services
    for our clients

Through close communication with all interested parties, from management through to administration to end user, we are able to build a comprehensive picture of your company's larger goals as well as those specific to the application. This allows us to design a software solution that is consistent with management goals, administrative needs and user practices.
Fast, efficient, robust and cost effective. Our applications are designed, using Industry adopted development tools, to be intuitive for the user by incorporating the practices already in place.
While every effort is made to ensure that the application we design follows current user practices and is intuitive in its function, there may be times when new innovations require specific training with our product. In these cases, Datagaard will provide the necessary training that is required to operate your application.
Whether integrating into a solution developed by Datagaard or an existing piece of software with a database back-end, we can create custom Crystal Reports in a variety of formats that will give your management reports a professional look and feel.
Developing static websites, to help promote your company, to provide up to date business information and draw in new clients. We also develop web-based applications completely customised to your business needs. Web-base applications help to stay up to date with today's technology, to help with business efficiency, can be accessed from anywhere - only the internet is required. No installations, accessible for a range of devices and can grow as you grow.
Roll-out support:

Immediately after roll-out, Datagaard will provide three months of Premium support coverage to facilitate the integration of the software and education of users. This does not cover new development, but will allow for any performance issues that cannot be identified until the application is used in a live environment.

There is no charge for this support, and as the end of this time clients are invited to continue the Premium support, or drop back to the Basic support package depending on their needs.

Basic support:

The Basic support package allows users to contact us by phone or email on an "as needed" basis.

Issues will be prioritised, logged and actioned accordingly. Calls are billed by the time required to resolve an issue, first as a one hour block and then in blocks of 6 minutes thereafter.

Premium support

The Premium support package has a number of advantages over the Basic support in that all issues are given top priority over Basic issues and any current development processes. This means resolution is usually on the same day, if not the same hour, as the initial call. There is no mandatory two hour charge for each issue.

A minimum of four hours contact per month (non accumulative) is the basis of our Premium support package. This, however, can be increased to suit your particular requirements.

The Premium package can be bought at a fixed price for periods of 1-5 years in advance.