Datagaard Pty Ltd

Our Vision

We aim to reach our clients' goals and remain a viable company by:

Being aware of not only our clients' requirements, but also statutory, third party, and our own requirements.
Taking into account ascertained requirements and budgetary constraints.
With ISO9001 Quality Management Systems and utilising proven industry applications, such as:
  • Microsoft's Visual Studio
  • Web-Based Designs and Applications using PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS
  • Sybase ASA
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
Endeavouring to respond to all enquiries and issues raised within the shortest time frame possible.
Through regular visitations, reporting, feedback, reviews and relationship building.
By adhering to this vision, Datagaard has developed a reputation for reliability, exceptional service and understanding towards our clients and their business needs.

We Value

We understand that our clients' business may change; therefore their software needs to be capable of meeting these changing requirements, and we need to be available to answer client queries and concerns in a prompt and professional manner.
By adopting standards and conventions within the platforms we use, seeking to improve our solutions through exploring new technologies, alternative third party components, and regular professional development within Datagaard.
All of our products come with a lifetime guarantee. Any bugs found 5, 10, or even 15 years down the line will be fixed free of charge.
Through regular meetings within our company and discussions with clients, Datagaard ensures that our high level of integrity, developed over many decades in business, remains intact. We pride ourselves on having an excellent reputation for the solutions we develop and our timely responses to issues raised.
Through our commitment to the ISO 9001 quality control and continual improvement system.
Datagaard no longer operates out of a fixed office, we have a compassionate stance on employee and family needs, so now our staff can work from anywhere in the world, mostly from the comfort of their own home. This naturally leads to a happier work force that produces a higher quality of work.
Our support for less fortunate people both locally and abroad brings a sense of responsibility and higher awareness of broader issues. The staff at Datagaard voluntarily commit time and money to support local and international mission work, and the use of environmentally friendly products.'
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